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LoanStacker will save mortgage brokers thousands of hours of work and enable your company to leverage the full power of your LOS or document management software investment.

Scanning Mortgage Loan Documents
Mortgage Document Scanning

LoanStacker automates the process of scanning and filing documents in the Encompass eFolder by using barcodes and OCR to identify each document in the mortgage file and linking them to the known document types in Encompass. When files in the eFolder are linked to known documents, they can be used to complete tasks, conditions and Encompass business rules automatically. This unlocks the full paperless processing capabilities of Encompass, increasing productivity while reducing mistakes simultaneously.. LoanStacker's scanning process with OCR is much faster than the one built into Encompass, allowing you to perform this task up to 10 times faster than using the eFolder scanning function.

This video shows several sample mortgage loan documents being processed and named automatically with OCR. The batch is then reviewed and released by the user. Named documents are and automatically attached to the corresponding loan in EllieMae Encompass.

"LoanStacker's document recognition, naming and seamless integration with the Encompass eFolder has made our company more efficient and profitable. Organized paperless files easily accessible by all departments from multiple locations has revolutionized HomeStar's business."       -Wes Hunt - President, HomeStar Financial


Automate document imaging for Encompass mortgage software with LoanStacker OCR and barcode recognition.

  • LoanStacker can...

  • Encompass mortgage software Recognize over 400 Origination and Closing documents

  • Encompass mortgage software Use barcode recognition to identify standard documents quickly

  • Encompass mortgage software Use OCR to identify any document with text recognition

  • Encompass mortgage software Sort documents automatically by investor stack orders

  • Encompass mortgage software Document matching can be customized for your files

  • Encompass mortgage software Work with any desktop scanner or networked copier

  • Encompass mortgage software Integrates with most loan processing applications

  • Encompass mortgage software Integrates with most document management systems


LoanStacker includes:

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integrates with

    BytePro Mortgage & Ellie Mae Encompass

     Byte Mortgage Ellie Mae Encompass

    Scanning documents is required to unlock the full potential of these powerful mortgage applications. But it can take hours to label and attach the hundreds of applications, disclosures, credit documents and other required forms using the built-in interface.

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    "Go paperless in your office and stop being a slave to a bygone practice. At the same time you’ll save time, money, effort, and gain a PR windfall benefit by going "green." Explore Electronic Document Management alternatives."

    -James Hennessy, Mortgage Originator

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