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LoanStacker will save mortgage brokers thousands of hours of work and enable your company to leverage the full power of your LOS or document management software investment.

Scanning Mortgage Loan Documents
Mortgage Document Scanning

LoanStacker is a product of Simple Software developed in conjunction with Loan Document Management Solutions, a partnership of mortgage professionals formed to develop automated paperless solutions for the mortgage and banking industry.

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integrates with

Ellie Mae Encompass, BytePro, Calyx Point, LendingQB, NetOxygen Cirrus and others!

 Byte Mortgage Loan Document Management Ellie Mae Encompass Loan Document Management

Documents scanned and recognized with LoanStacker are automatically uploaded to your LOS using known document identifiers. This is the key to unlocking features like required documents verification, sorting and exporting by stack orders, linking documents to conditions, etc.

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"Go paperless in your office and stop being a slave to a bygone practice. At the same time you’ll save time, money, effort, and gain a PR windfall benefit by going "green." Explore Electronic Document Management alternatives."

-James Hennessy, Mortgage Originator

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