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LoanStacker will save mortgage brokers thousands of hours of work and enable your company to leverage the full power of your LOS or document management software investment.

Scanning Mortgage Loan Documents
Mortgage Document Scanning

How much will you save with LoanStacker?  Use our Return on Investment Estimates to find out!

Read the LoanStacker / ViewWise Case Study to see how Mortgage Solutions of Colorado benefits from their new paperless workflow enabled by LoanStacker.

Benefits of Paperless Loan Processing:

  1. Avoid costly delivery delays and errors
    Prevents users from shipping loans unless all required documents are present and sorted in the correct stack order.
  2. Improve customer service
    Respond to customer inquiries instantly instead of taking a message and calling them back after you finally find the file you need.
  3. Makes mortgage scanning usable and cost effective
    Without OCR, labeling each document is too labor intensive to be cost effective.  Without labeling each document, a scanned mortgage file cannot be used to underwrite or ship to investors.
  4. Reduce scanning time by over 80%
    Scanning solutions that require manual naming of documents can take more than 5 times longer to scan a mortgage loan file.  Time savings are even greater when you consider the fact that OCR is automatic and can run in the background.
  5. Save on office supplies
    A typical mortage broker will save $10-$25 per loan on paper, toner, equipment leasing and other office supplies associated with paper-based loan processing.
  6. Go green!
    Save trees and impress your environmentally conscious customers.
  7. Reduce shipping costs and time
    Instantly deliver any document electronically, saving you thousands on FedEx/UPS charges, fax tolls and time spent stuffing envelopes, writing shipping labels, etc.
  8. Increase productivity
    Typical customers can process up to 50% more loans with the same staff after implementing LoanStacker
  9. Save on paper storage costs
    Free up office space taken up by filing cabinets and file storage rooms.  Eliminate off-site storage.
  10. Access files anytime from anywhere
    Any document can be viewed from any computer connected to your network.  Files can be shared with multiple users without copying.
  11. No more flipping pages to find specific documents
    Since each document in the loan is individually labeled, there is no need to flip through hundreds of pages to find the one you need.
  12. Unlock the best features of your Loan Origination Software
    Many LOS packages have document tracking, checklists and business rules that only work if each document is scanned and identified in the loan's e-folder.  LoanStacker is the only way to unlock these features without adding hours of extra work to each loan.
  13. Automate the submission process
    Apply investor stack orders automatically to create ordered PDF files that are ready for electronic submission.
  14. Compatible with any document provider
    Recognition of documents does not depend on any specific barcodes or formatting. DocuTech, DocMagic, Calyx Point, VMP, etc. are all compatible.
  15. Compatible with custom loan documents
    LoanStacker can be customized to recognize your company's custom formats and internal documents, as well as non-standard documents like credit reports, bank statements, pay stubs, VOE, etc. Full list of recognized documents.

integrates with

Ellie Mae Encompass, BytePro, Calyx Point, LendingQB, NetOxygen Cirrus and others!

 Byte Mortgage Loan Document Management Ellie Mae Encompass Loan Document Management

Documents scanned and recognized with LoanStacker are automatically uploaded to your LOS using known document identifiers. This is the key to unlocking features like required documents verification, sorting and exporting by stack orders, linking documents to conditions, etc.

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"Go paperless in your office and stop being a slave to a bygone practice. At the same time you’ll save time, money, effort, and gain a PR windfall benefit by going "green." Explore Electronic Document Management alternatives."

-James Hennessy, Mortgage Originator

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